Design and Build

Here at Taishin Builders, we take great pride in conceptualising and building houses from scratch. Working closely alongside our clients, we ensure that their housing needs are incorporated into the design of their house.

Further, we handle everything from quality design to on site production and management, ensuring tighter control by tying the design and construction processes together. This in turn translates into cost savings for homeowners.

Interior Renovation

Apart from our design and build services, we also specialize in renovations and makeovers ofretail stores, commercial offices,landed properties and apartments. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that the renovation of your office/house will be done to your requirements.

Builder’s Work

Taishin Builders also specializes in new or additional alteration works to offices, retail stores, landed properties, condominiums and apartments.

The scope of work includes floor finishes, wall finishes, glazier works, carpentry works and ceiling works.

Floor finishes: Granite, timber, carpet, marble, vinyl flooring, screeding, timber decking, etc.

Wall finishes: Granite, marble, timber panelling, mirror panelling, painting works, wall covering, special texture effects, etc.

Glazier works: Windows, glass panels, glass doors, mirror joinery works, timber doors, door jambs, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, etc.

Ceiling works: Plaster ceiling, timber panel ceiling, exterior works such as roofing, pavements, timber trellis, glass canopy, etc.

Project Management for Retail Chain

Taishin Builders is experienced with designing and building different types of retail stores, ranging from F&B to fashion boutiques to bookshops. We are able to deliver design concepts to implementation, and work alongside assigned designers and architects.


Taishin Builders is familiar with residential building, for instance, terraces, condos and apartments.Our team of dedicated and experienced staff are able to work alongside architects or designers employed by house owners to come up with design concepts and solutions.

We further strive to foster good cliental relationships and ensure that the needs of our clients are met.


Our portfolio of services also include showflats, and we are well-equipped to work withdesigners employed by developers for residential and hospitality showflats.